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In Sneaky Henry, the most common sneakers' upper materials you can see in our store are sneakers with the Prime Knit Fabric / Stretch Micro Fabric / Knitted Mesh. With the explosion of knit construction shoes in the footwear marketplace, it’s time to revisit the design and manufacturing issues of this growing footwear class. Knit shoe construction has now spread into basketball, soccer, and casual footwear.

Of course, the knit upper shoe is now evolving in new directions. The naturally breathable designs combined with stretchable and non-stretchable fibers are creating new opportunities for us to bring our customers brand new and trending SXH Sneakers.

Our main focus on design parameters for knitted SXH Sneakers construction:

  1. Take advantage of knit technology’s strong points. Breathability, stretchability and elasticity.
  2. Clear TPU overlays are being introduced to protect the knit fabric from snags.
  3. Easy on, easy off and has that very comfortable feeling on wearing it. 
  4. Lightweight, single-layered construction.
  5. Cushioned with responsive and energy-returning cushioning technology.
  6. A durable and supportive rubber outsole that will absorb shock an impact.



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