The Silhouette "Artistry Kay" SXH Sneakers

Sneaky Henry

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Gender: Unisex

Upper Material: Flyknit Fabric

Insole & Outsole Material: EVA & PU

Lining Material: Cotton Fabric

Size: 4-14 (US) or 35-48 (EUR)

Color: Carbon Black-White


  1. Flyknit Fabric - Breathable, elastic & stretchable for temperature regulation.
  2. Simple & Fashion - Distinctive design for exclusive moist absorbance, and easy to filter out the odor. 
  3. EVA Insole Cushioning - Doesn’t conduct as much heat, absorb more impact, and more comfortable to walk or run.
  4. Like Shoes, Like Socks - Exclusive close-up structure for easy slip on and off with secure fit.
  5. Unique PU Outsole - Super lightweight PU offers more grip, more durability, excellent shock absorbance. 
  6. Fit True Size - Just pick your original size, it fits the normal size!

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